Class Of 1965


Sunday, Oct. 7th,  El Fenix in Oak Ciff, on Colorado Blvd and Beckley
4 pm, with visiting until 6:00

We will order and eat at 6, everyone being responsible for their own meals. The restaurant has offered sopapias at $1 each! Yum!

Bob Hall is keeping the totals, so we'll know how many to tell the restaurant to plan for. If we don't have a fairly sizable bunch, we may not be able to get the entire room to ourselves--which is OK, but having it all is nicer!

Please RSVP to Bob Hall via FaceBook:

Pass on this information to others in our class. We want as many as possible to know and not be accidentally left out. See you guys on the 7th!

Please register on this website so we can maintain accurate contact info!

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