Below Are Some Memories From The Past, May We Never Forget Them
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May 15, 1960

Dear Seniors,

Already in view are the closing days of your stay at Kimball High. From its beginning in September, 1958, you have held a unique place in the annals of the school. Kimballites of the future will pay tribute to you, the first graduating class of this great high school.

Soon the final bell will ring for you. Each member of the Class of 1960 has played a part in creating the spirit of Kimball. As you look back from the vantage point of lives well spent,, surely there will be an aura of shining memories for truly "golden" days here. Do not feel sad if some of the happiest times cannot he relived. Go forward to realize potentialities only half forecast in your high-school career and always live up to Kimball's motto, "We seek the best."

Life's school lies ahead. May you meet its opportunities and fulfill your capacities to the supreme degree. I wish for each member of the class the blessings of peace, the enjoyment of success, and the happiness which may be derived from unselfish devotion to duty.

Sincerely yours,
W.P Durrett, Principal

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